Nowadays, the real estate industry is very demanding, so we employ only highly qualified specialists sharing our passion.

Every one of us has a great experience and possesses excellent interpersonal skills that enable us not only to make a great contact with customers, but also to answer all the questions, even the most surprising ones.


Krzysztof Wądołowski

President of Management Board, real estate broker, licence number: 22078.

I have been a real estate broker for seven years now. I have gained my experience in the most reputable estate agencies in Warsaw.
I specialise in selling and renting apartments, flats and houses in Warsaw and in the vicinity.

The estate industry is my passion. Thanks to the passion, few years ago I decided to set up my own agency CONCIERGE HOUSE that I wanted to be unique amongst the other agencies, whose work is often quite dull. The estate industry is in a state of constant change and that is the reason why only the cutting-edge solutions will ensure you the greatest efficiency and competitiveness.

Apart from the estates, I am also interested in technological novelties, what is reflected in our offer. Our premises are not only the places we live in – they encompass our emotions and memories. Thanks to the modern technologies we use while performing all the actions, our customers may see in a given estate something more than just walls and a good place for investment.

Tel: +48 502 10 10 20
E-mail: k.wadolowski@eng.conciergehouse.pl


Iwona Sułkowska

Real Estate Broker, licence number: 4755

I specialise in renting and selling flats and apartments in Warsaw.

Thoroughness is my second nature. While working with a customer I pay attention to the good relations, and the clients’ interests are always a priority for me. This makes my clients trust me and I repay them by my engagement and professionalism.

Tel: +48 502 10 60 30
E-mail: i.sulkowska@eng.conciergehouse.pl